THANKYOU for the Son Of Man

The Lord’s in you and me in here,
St Michaels where the Lord appears,
through each of us a shining light
the light is love and hope so bright

that love is God, it fills us up
eat the bread and drink from the cup
remembering Jesus, our saviour
who died for our bad behaviour

who loves us more than anything
we pray, worship, of course, we sing
brother, sister, father, mother,
aunty, uncle, son and daughter

together as loud as we can

Maundy Thursday today, and I just came back from the 8pm service.
It was the most emotional, amazing, heart-filled service so far in my life.
Tears were falling from my eyes by the end of it, because it was just so special.

‘Thankyou for the Son Of Man’ as it says in my poem could not really be said, or shouted, or sung in a way which shows just how much I and so many others want to express it.

As I came out of the church, everyone was silent, and I spent about half an hour in silent prayer, and then wrote this poem.

The Lord is love. And without love… there is no life.

Peace and love always and forever,
Rachael E.

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