Title doesn’t make water sound important enough.
It should have fireworks bouncing off it or something.


I went to a swimming pool this evening, and I haven’t been swimming willingly for years. But it felt good to be in the water. After a while I started going underneath the surface, which I love because it sounds different, like deep sound, and if you just let your mind empty, you can just glide through the water and watch shapes and shadows of passing swimmers go by you.
And if you want to think then in water is a nice place to. Water amplifies sounds, makes them seem deeper, and it can do that for thoughts as well.

When I was in the water (it was a heated pool), I was thinking this is a lot of water. And it had chlorine in it to keep it clean. But there are some people out there that have to walk so far to get water to drink, and sometimes end up with dirty water when they do.

Next time you get your pocket money or your pay check, next time you go to the shop to get a coke or some other beverage, why not put that money back into your pocket, and give some of it to those who need it more.

I have a money box in my room, and every week I put some into it for charity, and I don’t take anything out of it except to give it them.

In the water, I thought about how important water is. I mean drought is such a huge issue these days, and I think more people need to think about it.
I’m in England currently, where it rains a lot so we don’t have any issue with water – but a lot of people in the world do.

Take a dip, have your thoughts deepened.
Be inspired.

Peace, love.


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One Response to Water

  1. Fionarh says:

    Rach, this is awesome ( 🙂 ), but you spend far too much time blogging 😛

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