Pay It Forward

This is such an amazing film. It really is.
After seeing this film I’ve decided I’m going to do it to. I’ve always wanted to do this kind of thing, and after watching it I decided it’s time I did. I realised you don’t have to be older to do it after seeing Trevor in this. The film is in parts on Youtube and you can watch it with this link:

It really is a very good film.

It inspired me to start doing something to help people in a new way.

I know it could take time to think of things to do for people, but it’s always worth it.

I hope other people can be inspired by this as well.

“I guess it’s hard for some people who are so used to things the way they are, even if they’re bad, to change, and they kind of give up, and when they do everybody kind of loses.”

So don’t give up.

Peace, Love, Faith, Be Inspired.

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