Harvey Milk

Now I get that you may not agree with me. But I just want to say what I think.

I watched a film called ‘Milk’ today about a man called Harvey Milk fighting for the rights of gay people. In 1975 i think it was, he won an election as the first gay, and got rights for them so that they wouldn’t be beaten and killed in the streets, and so that gay teachers and other gay workers could keep their jobs.
I think it was called ‘Proposition 6’ which was being planned that Milk stopped, and basically if he hadn’t fought against it then all gay workers and people that gave them rights, would have been fired.

A woman who was powerful at the time said that homosexuals were against God’s law and did not deserve rights. Because of this view, parents were sending their children to hospitals to be ‘fixed’. And so many people committed suicide because of these people opposing them.

Harvey Milk faced constant threats of assassination, but he kept on going and fought for the lives of so many. Harvey Milk was killed at the age of 48 or 49 I think it was, and was shot several times by somebody that hated him because he had beaten him in an election and was generally fighting for things he didn’t necessarily agree with at the time. When Harvey Milk was killed, thousands and thousands of people littered the streets with candles, and marched in memory of him. Seeing the footage of that, and seeing what Harvey Milk did for the lives of so many, was an amazing thing. He knew what he was getting himself into, he knew how dangerous it was, but he fought for them.

Many Christians signed petitions against Harvey Milk, and they signed for ‘Preposition 6’ to go ahead. And it was mostly Christians who were the people who disagreed with him.

But I’m a Christian. And I agree with him. You know why?
Because we ‘love our neighbour’, and we ‘love the stranger’ as I said in yesterdays post. And they may be homosexual which is opposed in some parts of the Bible, but must we take it so literally? I amongst many say not. There is so much in the Bible we do not take literally, like laws that women must not wear braids in their hair. We must be careful when we read the Bible. And homosexuals should not appear any worse to you than people that don’t follow God. People that aren’t Christians, that don’t follow God, that bow to idols, they don’t follow God’s law – and homosexuals are no different. Is that right? I think we need to remember that whoever a person is, whatever choices they make, we need to recognize the love inside them. Homosexuality is a sexual orientation, not a murdering desire.

If you are a Christian yourself, and you have a non-christian friend, I’m sure you love them even though they don’t follow God. Now if one of your friends turned out to be a homosexual, I dare you to turn against them. Because that is no just reason to. Homosexuals are people. People that are just a little different to you. Unless you reading are a homosexual.

They are people, and should not be hated.

Harvey Milk stood up for the rights of so many people, and reduced the number of people from being murdered in the streets, or unaccepted by their families. He died for it. And he made a difference.
I found this inspiring, and if you don’t agree with me then fine.
But I personally think you should.
Because in God’s law, they aren’t any worse then a lot of people out there that you probably aren’t against.
I’m just saying.
Think about it.

I hope this made sense

Peace, Love.

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