Love the stranger

This is quite a long post, I basically just wanted to write down parts from the sermon in church today because I really liked it.

It’s a Sunday so I went to church this morning. Today the sermon was on what the priest there believes to be one of the most important sentences in scripture.
And that sentence, found in Romans, is:
‘The same Lord is Lord of all and is generous to all who call upon him.’

It was a great (inspiring) sermon, so I thought I’d write bits down so that I can look back on it and so that you reading this can read about it as well.

A philosopher (I can’t remember his name) said:”Of all the lessons that religious people in the world can reach to learn, this is so important.”
We are mistaken if the Lord is only generous to us, those who worship him. Why are we mistaken? Well because the Lord is everything that hates us, and without the Lord, there is no life. If that makes sense. Life in you, life in me, life in the stars, life in the earth, life in the snowflakes, life in the water, in your weetabix, cornflakes, frosties – everything that is, is truly the Lord.

Depending on which religious belief you belong to you have different names for the Lord.We call the Lord only too often, Him. Some call the Lord only too often, Her. Others call the Lord, It. Actually, the Lord, is, life. The Lord… is everything. Jesus taught this again, and again, and again.Jesus said it was easy for us to love those who are, like, us.The Bible says ‘love one another’ in a general sense, and yet so many more times, says, ‘love the stranger’.
For those of you that huff and puff against people from other countries moving into England, instead of getting all angry and wanting to go to war with them, welcome them as God’s people. And you say, what about the Lepers and tax collecters in the Bible, and what did Jesus say? Jesus said, “especially them.” You know one? Invite them round for afternoon tea and cake.Why? Because ‘the same Lord is Lord of all and is generous to all who call upon him.’
We are called to ‘love the stranger’, not just because they are different, but because they have life in them, so they have God in them.

Now, I personally think this is so right, because it’s no good hating people if they hate you, if you love them, you help them, and maybe some day, things can be different.’Love the stranger’
‘the same Lord is Lord of all, and is generous, to all who call upon him.’




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