Holy Spirit – Ruach

Earlier in the week I was talking to the priest at my church (church of england), and he told me something I didn’t know previous to our conversation, and which he said very few people knew about.
So I thought I’d tell you about it.

As you know, in the Bible, God is named ‘He’ not ‘she’, which brings about lots of discussions about this, and suggested that men were therefore more important than women.
However, as you know, God is not man form, nor woman form, but God.
In the Bible, God is named He, simply because they didn’t know and just put He because they didn’t understand what else to say. Just as ships are called ‘she’ even though they are not actually a human woman, God is called ‘He’ and is God.

Now what I was told and found interesting was that as we call God ‘the Holy Spirit’, the Hebrew word for this is ‘ruach‘, and is actually a feminine word.
I just thought this was interesting, and as a fact I had not previously known, I thought I would share that with you.

Now as my blog is titled ‘Inspiration’ I suppose I should explain why I found this inspirational. I found this inspirational purely because I understood more, and because, as a girl, it’s just something that makes me think… cool. I never knew that.

I hope you found it interesting like I did.
Peace be with you

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